Hognose snake

Hognose Snakes : Pet, Venom, Habitat And Facts

Hognose snakes are considered cute by some, and some run away screaming because it is snake after all. They are also known as blow snake, blow viper etc. Hognose snakes can raise and flatten their backside like a Cobra and hiss, also appear like Puff Adders. They act dead in such way that no animal would able to know whether it’s really dead or acting. As sounds, they are interesting indeed.


Leopard Geckos : Diet, Habitat, Species And Facts

Leopard geckos or Panther geckos are beautiful and relatively docile lizards. They are neither dangerous or venomous, nor large. For these reasons they have become such common pets, or it may be for all the fascinating characteristics they exhibit. Native to southern Asia, India, Pakistan, southeast Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and they are also kept as pets in US and Europe nations. They look similar to other lizards but, there are plenty of differences also. So, Let’s check about some facts.