Space: 30 Amazing Unknown Facts About It

Our space is vast, vacuum and endless. It is so immense that our solar system is just a part of Milky Way galaxy; where as total number of galaxies is still not correctly figured out. Only 5% of the universe can be seen from Earth and the rest is dark energy and dark matter. So, scientists are researching for decades and some of the information has been discovered yet. A lot is left to know about our surrounding universe.

Oceans: 25 Mind Blowing Facts You Need To Know

Ocean is a continuous body of salt water. As ocean gets deeper in terms of measuring units it gets darker, mysterious as well as fascinating. Do you know, ocean has the biggest bio diversity in the planet or it has more secrets yet to reveal than our Moon or Mars.

Sahara Desert: 20 Fun Facts you have to know

The Sahara is the world’s most famous desert with covering the majority of Northern Africa. But how much do you really know about this iconic landscape?Here are 20 facts about Sahara desert that you might not have heard before.