Mosquito : Unknown Facts, Life Cycle And Description

Mosquito buzz is definitely the most annoying thing you hear even before it bites. These pesky creatures cause itchy Ness on skin and very disturbing when ever they are around us. They cause various diseases, even how much efforts human could put to eliminate these insects, it won’t be successful. But, they are also very important to maintain our Eco system. They are the prime survivalist and food source of various other creatures. For many years mosquitoes are very interesting to scientists and many truths has been discovered which allow us to understand about these creatures’ habitat, behavior and also effective precautions to avoid them.

Ant : Fun Facts, Habitat and Information About Them

Ant is an insect that often crawls unnoticed. There are several other interesting insects you might find more fascinating but, not an ant. They are just boring. Right? Wrong. Just take a look of some mind blowing facts about them and you will definitely say, is there anything which ants are not capable of?

Spider : Description, Behavior And Unknown Facts

Spider is an eight legged freak. Their thought can shiver your spine and scare you shockingly. They are venomous and dangerous. Unpredictable and aggressive in nature. But, these creatures are misunderstood very often. Spiders are one of the top 10 most diverse creatures on the planet. They do feed on insects so, they play a vital role in our Eco system by maintaining the insect population.