Gold finch : Behavior, Lifespan and Unknown Facts

Gold finch is the most common and welcomed bird in our back yards. Their sweet personality and vibrant colors make them so unique, even they are called as wild Canaries for their eye catchy plumage. These birds are classified as song birds due to their distinctive chirping. Here are some interesting facts about them.

Robin Bird

Robin Birds : Types, Pictures, Nest, Egg And Habitat

Robin birds are the most common birds to see in gardens and yards. They are hugely popular for the chirps and sounds they make. Once get attracted to the food put out on a bird table, it will return to it all winter through. Until the early years of the 20th century the robins were usually known as the red breast. Their bright plumage and sweet appearance make human to welcome and accept their presence in gardens. They have distinctive red breast and face, grey under parts, brown head, wings and tail. Their flight is also distinguishable by rapid wing beats for short, fast flight. In winter, the robins puffs up their plumage to insulate body against cold winds and looks like colorful cotton balls. Although being very popular, there are still lot to know about these birds. So, come with us to be a birdwatcher and learn about them closely.


Owls || Bird || Fun Facts, Habitat And Images For Kids

Owl is not regarded as the most intelligent bird but, definitely considered as the most represented bird of intelligence and wisdom. They are excellent hunters and most noiseless flyers. They often symbolise as victory and death also but, today they are loved by all. These feathery, wide eyed birds are cute and their hoots are unmistakably recognizable. Beyond these characteristics they have much more that will amaze you and we have bring those unknown facts.


Woodpecker : Tongue, Nest, Pictures And Fun Facts

Woodpecker is a bird but, very different from other birds due to their behavior and unique survival techniques. They are marvels of mother nature. The colorful feathers, the triangular crest on its head, long tongue and tough sharp beak makes them one of a kind. Their common plumage is Black, White, Red and yellow but, they also can be seen in Orange, Green, Brown and Maroon coloration. Today we are going to discuss some of their unique characteristics.