indian rhinoceros

Indian Rhinoceros : Population, Habitat And Facts

The Indian Rhinoceros scientifically called ‘Rhinoceros unicornis’, also known as the Greater one horned rhinos can be found in Indian subcontinent. They are the second largest animal in Asia after the Asian Elephants

Alpacas : Habitat, Characteristics And Fun Facts

Alpacas are adorable, docile, soft, and considered as pets and cattle around the world. They belong to the Camelidae family and granted as the cutest member of it. 6000 years ago Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas. Here are some fun and amazing facts about them which definitely deserve attention.


Black Rhinos : Conservation, Habitat And Facts

Rhinoceros is a Greek word. ‘Rhino’ means ‘nose’ and ‘ceros’ means ‘horn’. They are the second largest mammal on the Earth after Elephants. These creatures are strong, well capable to charge and do rampage. These bullet proof giants are not gentle, yet very aggressive and stand as an icon in the jungle. They don’t have any formidable predator but, due to human activities these species is listed endangered. Here are some facts and current status of black rhinos.