Top 10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World


Beautiful snakes are kind of unusual you might think or heard of. Everyone think of large Anacondas, venomous Cobras which are indeed fierce names that are related mostly with these scaly reptiles. But, there are several snakes in 3000 known species which are actually pleasant to look at. Their appearance demand to be called as beautiful. We have listed some of them which you may did not know till now.

10. Blue racer snake

blue racer snake
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These snakes can be found in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Iowa in the United States. Blue racer snakes have creamy white scales or dull grey to brilliant blue lateral scales. They also have characteristic black masks, relatively large eyes. They appear grey but, if spotted in bright sun light their scales do reflect a brilliant blue color making them truly remarkable to see at. Blue racer snakes are rarely seen due to their speed, agility and intolerant to human activity. These snakes are non-venomous and can grow up-to 1.5 meters in length.

Beautiful snakes
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9. Green pit viper

Image By Biomedicinal Via Wikipedia

Green pit viper is a common name for several venomous snakes that can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. Males generally grow up-to 600 millimeters (24 inches) and females grow about 810 millimeters 32 inches). They are green on the upper body, the side of their head below the eyes are yellow, white or pale green, much lighter than rest of head and the belly is green, yellowish or white. Seriously an attractive color they have. But don’t get fooled by their beauty as these creatures are venomous.

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8. Asian vine snake

asian vine snake
Image By Rushenb Via Wikipedia

These snakes can grow up-to 1.8 meters(6 feet) in length and they have a unique head shape. Their snout is pointy and projecting which give them an usual look than other snakes. But, most importantly they are light brown or green in color which often display an eye catchy fluorescent green making them such beautiful species. When threatened due to their excellent geometric pattern, they expand their body and reveal the white and black markings between the green scales. According to study, they are mildly venomous and not considered as threats to human. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are places where you can see them.

Beautiful snakes
Image By Ria Tan Via Real Monstrosities

7. Green tree python

Gree tree pyrhon
Image By Micha L. Rieser via Wikipedia

As the name suggests they are green but, juveniles are often bright yellow, vibrant red or dark brown in color. Although gorgeous in adult coloration, these species is also beautiful while young. As they age, color changes to green variations but, some tends to keep their yellow color for life. They can grow up-to 2 meters(6.6 feet) and weigh up-to 1.6-2.2kgs. The species is considered as exotic pet and wild life numbers are decreasing due to smuggling. Rain-forest and shrubs from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are places you can see them in the wild.

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6. Blue Malaysian coral snake

Image By Seshadri.K.S Via Wikipedia

Blue Malaysian coral snake or Red headed krait is a medium-sized coral snake with a slender body. The adults can reach 1.8 meters(6 feet) long. They are generally dark blue to black in color with a large blue or white stripe on each flank. But, their head and tail are distinctive red making them such unique. Apart form their beauty, they are lethal and highly venomous for humans. The neurotoxin venom has no known anti-venom yet. They can be found between 100-1100 meters of elevation in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

5. Formosan odd scaled snake

Formosan odd-scaled snake
Image By Sin Syue Li Via Wikipedia

These snakes are also known as Taiwan burrowing snakes and are found in Taiwan and southern Ryukyu Islands of Japan at elevations of 1000-2000 meters. These species can grow up-to 35 inches in length but, the exciting matter is their rainbow iridescent body under light. Head is small, oval, and without distinct neck. Body is slender and tail is moderately short. Upper head, body and tail is uniform olive, grayish or black. These non-venomous species are nocturnal creatures. And very rare to see them displaying their beauty, but spot one under sun light and you can see the vivid rainbow iridescence.

Beautiful Snakes
Image By Lori Neuman Via Twitter

4. Shield Tail snake

Shield Tail snake
Image By Saleem Hameed Via Wikipedia

These are actually small snakes stretching 25-90 centimeters long and non-venomous. Their tail is unique, ending in either an enlarged rigid scale with two points, or more sub circular area covered with thickened spiny scales. Most species appear black, purple or brown and some are colored with red, orange or yellow spots and bars which all are highly iridescent. They can be found in India and Sri-Lanka but, not well known as only 3 of these nocturnal species has been caught and photographed in the wild with assuming some more, but whatever minimum data we have surely makes these snakes beautiful.

3. Brazilian rainbow boa

Brazilian rainbow boa
Image Via Wikipedia

These species can be found in Amazon Basin, coastal Guiana, French Guyana, Suriname and southern Venezuela of South America. They can grow up-to 7 feet and are very popular in pet trade. According to biologists, they have microscopic ridges between the scales containing iridescent sheen. These ridges act like prisms and refract light into rainbow. Being brown with black spots, they do glare as multi color under light.

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2. San Francisco garter snake

San Francisco garter snake
Image By Taka Via Wikipedia

It is a slender multi colored subspecies of the common garter snake and designated as an endangered subspecies since 1967. These snakes prefer wet and marshy areas. Because of its elusive nature, it is difficult to see or capture one. Although their natural habitat is the scattered wetland areas on the San Francisco Peninsula, from the northern boundary of San Mateo County south along the eastern and western bases of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Beautiful Snakes
Image Via Reptiles Cove

They have keeled dorsal scales of bluish green, bordered by stripes of black, red, or orange. The vivid and bright body coloration with a red colored black tipped tongue make them true one of the beautiful looking snakes. They grow 18-55 inches and practically harmless. Their bites are fatal to their prey, but they don’t have fangs and cause a mild irritation for humans with mildly toxic venom.

1. King cobra

Image By Dr. Anand Titus and Geeta N Pereira Via Wikipedia

Known as the king among all of the snake species, they appear and behave like such of a kind. These snakes can grow at an average length of 12 feet and the longest ones can be 18 feet long with having weight of 6kgs. Not only big, they possess highly toxic venom and considered as deadly for humans. The dark body color with white or olive green bands and the distinctive hood behind their head, dark eyes with golden iris make them such majestic. Their chasing and growling hiss characteristics are truly one of a kind. They have their footprints in Bhutan, northeast India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, southern China, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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