30 Cool Facts About Insects

Scientists have discovered over 5 to 6 million insects species in which roughly 1.5 million species identified. And 90% of them belong from the group “Insecta”. We all know bugs, spiders, ants and they can be seen anywhere. In general, they don’t get any attention rather than the poisonous ones. But insects are very interesting and much of their facts have not been understood yet.

Cold War: Most Interesting Facts You Have To Know

Cold war continued for 45long years (1947-1991) , during this time entire world was in high tension. After the second world war, two raising superpowers United States and Soviet Union were became rivals openly yet restricted. The war had no direct conflict between these nations but they supported many of their allies and some more nations to take control upon. It was a geopolitical, economical struggle to proceed own political views like communism or capitalism. The war triggered the nuclear arms race which still continues today. Much modern development, most advanced spy operations, mind control projects has been done. Basically this was a war without direct fight but, constant fear of mass destruction.

Space: 30 Amazing Unknown Facts About It

Our space is vast, vacuum and endless. It is so immense that our solar system is just a part of Milky Way galaxy; where as total number of galaxies is still not correctly figured out. Only 5% of the universe can be seen from Earth and the rest is dark energy and dark matter. So, scientists are researching for decades and some of the information has been discovered yet. A lot is left to know about our surrounding universe.

40 Weird facts about World War II you may not know

World War in enough scary for any individual as both world wars showed an enormous loss of property, so much money was invested, and most importantly so many people got died. In these two, the World War II is the most devastating which continued for six years and left the unforgettable scars in human mankind.