Oceans: 25 Mind Blowing Facts You Need To Know

Oceans is a continuous body of salt water. As ocean gets deeper in terms of measuring units it gets darker, mysterious as well as fascinating. Do you know, ocean has the biggest bio diversity in the planet or it has more secrets yet to reveal than our Moon or Mars.

Here are some amazing facts of our oceans which will definitely blow your mind.  


Oceans from space

Our oceans have covered more than 71% of our planet. If you calculate there are about 32,10,03,280 cubic miles of water on the planet. 


Due to the immense size, oceans also have more species within than on the land. And more means at an incredible 94% of Earth’s living species. In which only a small part has been identified still now but luckily over 2000 species are found in last few years.  

3. It has been said that undissolved gold is embedded in the oceans floor but its not that easy to mine. However, if the gold can be collected and distributed among every person on the Earth than it will be 9 pounds of gold per person. 

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Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet are the two remaining ice sheets of our planet’s last ice age. In which the second one is gigantic at 5.4 million square miles in size, which is near about same of United State and Mexico combined. 

5. Mid Oceanic Ridge is the longest mountain range on Earth, which spreads around 40380 miles long, nearly 10 times longer than Andes range (4300 miles).

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6. The part of Pacific ocean between Indonesia and Colombia is wider than our moon’s diameter. Approximately 5 times wider. 


Earth’s biggest waterfall is not the Angel falls but it is the Denmark Strait Cataract. Which is a under water waterfall. It flows with a drop of 11,500 feet, which is higher Angel falls and having 50,000 times greater flow rate than Niagara falls. 


In human history one dozen people have stepped on moon’s surface but only three people managed to visit Mariana trench including James Cameroon. 


The Zhemchug Canyon is the deepest canyon on Earth at a vertical depth of 8520 feet, almost 2500 feet deeper than Grand canyon.  


The major proportion of volcanic activity happens in the oceans. South pacific region has the most concentration of active volcanoes, a jaw dropping 1133 volcanoes. 


World’s largest living structure is the Great Barrier Reef of Australian coast. It stretches over an area of 1,33,000 square miles. It is so huge that can be seen from outer space.


There are around 3 million ship wrecks in the oceans from the Titanic to Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria and home of around 70 billion dollar artifacts, which is more than the total artifacts present in all of the world’s museums combined. 

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Almost 70% oxygen in the atmosphere has produced by the Phytoplankton, Kelp and Algae present in the ocean. 


Like volcanoes, mountains and canyons, oceans have lakes and rivers too. This is due to sea water flows through layers of salt which forms depressions on the oceans floor. The water around these depressions contains more salt, hence become denser and sinks. These look lot like underwater pools.


There are web of cables beneath our oceans, which transfer 99% of world’s data. Telecom companies lay these cables by special equipment on the ocean bed avoiding mountains, trenches, coral reefs or marine habitat.


Point Nemo” means “No-one” in Latin, is the most remote location in the world. It is in the south-pacific region which is about 1600 km. away from nearest land strip or 2700 kms. from nearest human habitat. Astronauts use this place as dumping ground. 


Light penetrates about 656 feet in the water and after that depth ocean is dark. Below 1000 mt. the darkness becomes so immense that divers cannot see red or yellow, and blood appears dark green in color. 


The “Ghost fish” is the deepest living fish. Found at a depth of 26,700 feet below surface.

19. Water present in our travel around the Earth in every 1000 years, which is known as global ocean conveyor belt. 

20. In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan was crossing the Atlantic and eventually found another body of water, due to the calm surface he named it the ”Pacific” or ”Peaceful”. 


Tsunami waves can reach at a height of 100 feet but the biggest waves are found under the surface of the ocean, known as internal waves. These are found 3 miles below the surface due to the water layers of different densities. These waves can reach heights of 800 feet before collapsing. And these waves help to move heat and other necessary objects to other place in the ocean.


Large iceberg contains more than 22 gallons of water, which is enough drinking water to supply 1 million people for five years. And so a company in UAE is actually planning to toe iceberg form Antarctica to the coast for these reason.

23. As depth increases so does the water pressure. In Mariana trench (depth 35,800 feet) this pressure can get so powerful (8 tons per square inch) that a human will be compressed to the same size of an Ant. 

24. If all the glacier and ice sheets melted at the same time in Arctic sea, the sea level would gain heights of 262 feet or a bit shorter than the Statue of Liberty. 

25. Our oceans are the largest solar energy collector. The proliferation of greenhouse gasses prevents the heat to escape from our planet. So, all the energy goes to our oceans. Unfortunately this is why ocean temperature is rising rapidly in past few decades.     

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