Whale: Information, Types And Unknown Facts

Whale is the largest mammal species on earth, But they are the evolution of land living beings. Their fossils have been found dated 250 million years back. They have skin thickness of over 1 feet and can dive so deep where humans couldn’t study them. Still scientists don’t know much about their sleeping and breeding habits, even they couldn’t get filmed or tracked successfully. These days commercial whaling resulted them as endangered species specially for their meat and valuable oils.
So, Here are some unknown facts about whales which you really want to know.

1. Whale is of Cetacean group, which mean they have fins, flukes and blowholes. The closest relative of them are the Hippos.

2. There are 2 types of whales. Tooth whales, which have one blowhole and do hunting, such as Sperm whales, Killer whales(Orca). Another are Baleen whales, which have 2 blowholes and do filter feed on krils or planktons, such as Blue whales, Right whales.

Baleen Whale

3. There are confusions about their sleeping habits. While sleeping, One hemisphere of their brains remain asleep where as other part stays conscious to breathe so they can surface. Sperm whales has been seen vertical to the sea floor at sleeping time putting their heads out of surface. Their sleep generally last for 10-12 minutes.

4. Blue whales are the largest mammals and the largest living creatures on this planet. They can grow up-to 100 feet and can weigh as much as 170 tonnes. They consume about 4 tonnes of krill everyday. A new born calf can be 8 feet in length and weigh 5 tonnes. They consume about 230-250 liters of fat enriched milk per day from their mother and gain weight of 3.7kgs per hour. In 8months these calves become 22-25 tonnes giants.


5. Like their size, Blue whale have the largest penis in the world, about 8 feet in length. Their heart is the size of a car and can weigh up-to 450kgs.

Blue Whale Penis

6. Southern Right whales have the biggest testicle in animal world. One pair can weigh up-to 1 tonnes.


7. Sperm whales dive really deep for their Squid hunting. According to observation a sperm whale dives nearly 2000 meter of depth and stays underwater nearly 2 hours.

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8. Gray whale do travel long distances. In migration they travel 10-12000 miles. It is the longest distance covered by any mammal for breeding.

Gray Whale

9. Sperm whale have the biggest brain in animal kingdom. Their brain weighs about 9kgs, the rest of the skull filled with oil which is 1/3 of the body. This oil used for echo-location and communication purposes. The oil filled container in their skull is so huge that a car can be parked easily.

Sperm Whale

10. Blue whale make the loudest sound in animal kingdom. Their clicks and chirps can be as high as 188 decibels, which is higher than a jet plane’s 140 decibels. These clicks can be heard from 10miles away.

11. Orcas are known as Killer whales but, actually they are Dolphins.

Killer whales

12. Orcas are very social and intelligent spices. They travel in groups and communicate with each other very efficiently. Their hunting tactics are so effective, that they can hunt Right whales also.

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13. Male Narwhals have tusk or horn. It is basically their canine tooth, the right canine stays in skull where as the left canine elongates and pierce through their lips. These can grow up-to 10foot in spiral shape giving them a unique look.

Nrwhal or Unicorn of the Sea

14. Whales born tail first to reduce the risk of drowning. After birth the other females keep the calf on the surface where as the mother recovers.

15. Cuvier’s beaked whales are the deepest diving whales. They can dive up-to 3kms where as divers generally dive up-to 40 meters.

16. These creatures do live very long. Bow head whales live over 200 years and Orcas live over 100years.

Bow-head Whale

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