Jelly Fish : Amazing Facts, Habitat And Characteristics

Jelly fish is like a flower that floats in ocean currents. They can be in many colors with beautiful tentacles. They look soft and innocent creatures. It is very mesmerizing moment to see colorful jellyfish floating in a swarm in clear water but, do you know how big they can get? How venomous they are? Or even what actually are they? To know just be with us in our jellyfish facts exploration.

1. Jelly fish is an invertebrate belonging from the Phylum Cnidaria family. About 10,000 species of them had been identified still now.

2. Despite of their name, these creatures are not fish. They don’t have spine, fins or gills. Jelly fish are actually Gelatinous Zooplankton.

3. They seem to travel gently by the ocean currents and can be found in the oceans worldwide. Because they are so immune to pollution that no water body is difficult for them to survive. Where the marine creatures like fish, coral or oysters are suffering for rapid changes of pH level in ocean, global warming, sea water acidification, pollution and over fishing, these creature are roaming and breeding just like home. In fact, they are like enjoying.

Sea Nettle Jelly Fish

Their immune capabilities and lack of their predators are resulting over population. Such over population caused massive power failure in Philippines, when they got sucked by cooling tubes of a power plant. Same happened with nuclear power plants in Scotland and Sweden. Their rapid growth in population affected the coast of Ireland when a swarm of jellyfish spreading over an area of 10 square miles and 35 feet depth killed about 1,00,000 salmons.

4. Jelly fish are made of 12% organ and 98% water. In contrary human body is 60% water. So, you won’t see a jellyfish on sea beach for long time because they just get evaporated in air. They don’t have brain and heart. But, they do have a loose network of nervous system called Nerve Net, and their gelatinous body is so thin that can oxygenated by diffusion process.

Jelly Fish Body
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5. The Box Jellyfish has 24 eyes, in which 2 eyes actually can see but, combining all the eyes they have good sense of light. Only this species in jelly fish family has 360 degree field of vision.

6. They are way old than you think. Dinosaur fossils found are maximum 250 million years old whereas, some jellyfish fossils are about 500 million years old. Meaning almost another 250 million years before the first dinosaur.

7. Jelly fish do eat and poop by the same orifice. As their body don’t have complex digestive system and different orifices for separate task. They only have one orifice.

8. Box Jelly fish is the most venomous marine creature in the ocean. They have poisonous darts on their tentacles which fire at threatening conditions. One sting of this creature can kill a full grown human in minutes and they store enough venom to kill about 60 humans. The sting is so painful that victim dies due to the immense pain even before the venom starts working. However, Australian scientists developed an anti-dote for this venom.

9. The smallest member of jellyfish family is the Genera Staurocladia & Eleutheria which measures from 0.5 millimeters to few millimeters. Whereas, the biggest member is the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea Capillata), growing up-to 120 feet, bigger than a blue whale. But, the heaviest species is the Nomurai’s Jellyfish (Nemopilema Nomura). Their disc can grow up-to 6.5 feet and weigh as much as 200kgs.

10. Immortality is a myth or something that happen in folktales. Well, jellyfish are immortal. A species named Turritopsis Dohrnii is able to perform cellular trans-differentiation when get threatened. It transforms it’s body making into a polyp by reversing the ageing process, then creates new jellyfish having the identical genetic characters and starts life cycle from the beginning.

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11. In 1991, NASA sent 2000 jellyfish into space to research on their behavior in absence of gravity. They reproduce and NASA got 60,000 of them when returned. But, none of them were able to perform any task in earth’s atmosphere.

12. The Beroid Comb jellyfish do have hundreds of rows of teeth, by which they pierce or grab, and pull the prey into stomach.

13. After dead, their organs specially tentacles do live for several hours and can fire sting also. In 2010, about 150 New Hampshire Beach tourists got stung by a dead Lion’s mane jellyfish.

14. Turtle aren’t the only species to have jellyfish taste, humans also. In Asia jellyfish is a delicacy in food. There are many edible species of them. In Japan, students of high school used powdered jellyfish to make slated caramel. Although some government also encourage to have these sea food by specifying the non-venomous species which helps to control jellyfish over population also.

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