Mosquito : Unknown Facts, Life Cycle And Description

Mosquito buzz is definitely the most annoying thing you hear even before it bites. These pesky creatures cause itchy Ness on skin and very disturbing when ever they are around us. They cause various diseases, even how much efforts human could put to eliminate these insects, it won’t be successful. But, they are also very important to maintain our Eco system. They are the prime survivalist and food source of various other creatures. For many years mosquitoes are very interesting to scientists and many truths has been discovered which allow us to understand about these creatures’ habitat, behavior and also effective precautions to avoid them.

1. Mosquito is a Diptera (two wing flies) insect, belonging from Arthopoda family. They have 3 section body, 2 wings and a needle like proboscis.

2. More than 3000 species of Mosquitoes has been found in which about 457 are from Indonesia alone, and there are 200 species that actually bite humans like Anopheles, Aedes, Culex etc. They can be found around the world in human habitat.

3. They have 2 spheres of eyes on both side of their head. Hundreds of eyes in each sphere give them a contoured vision. Hence, they have poor eye sight and rely on their sense of chemical scents. Mosquitoes are actually weak fliers also. They can speed up-to 1.5-2 miles an hour and at a height of only 25feet. They live near their breeding area and do not fly more than 1mile per day.

4. They are old. Their fossils found from Triassic period, almost 400 million years old.

5. While both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar obtained from plants, but females do have thirst for blood. They don’t suck blood for enjoyment or vampire like character. Blood consist of proteins and amino acids which help them to produce eggs and develop them. So, whenever you got bitten remember it was a female.

6. They can remember and identify the host by sweat smell. Their brain have certain Dopamine level which help them to practice such activity. So, they can drink on one host several time. But, they also avoid defensive hosts no matter how sweet the smell is.

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7. All Mosquitoes must have water in their life cycle. They have Metamorphosis character, meaning they have 4 stages like eggs, larva, pupa and adult in both aquatic and terrestrial phases. They stay in water for about 10 days before being adult. Like the Aedes Mosquitoes prefer clean stagnant water body to lay eggs. Whereas, Anopheles Mosquitoes like polluted dirty waters as breeding area.

8. Although they are not efficient fliers but, their wings can beat for 300-600 times per second, which creates the well known annoying buzz.

9. Do you think you were very alcoholic in your college days? Think again. A female mosquito can drink blood 3 times their own body weight, at which point they can’t even fly properly.

10. Mosquitoes can smell Carbon DI Oxide from 75 feet away, which is a massive distance compared to their body size. All animals produce CO2 and mosquitoes get attracted by this. Not having good eye sight they can find hosts easily by the sensing capability.

11. They have very short life span, less than 2 months in fact. In between 10-12 days they complete all stages to become an adult. The life span also depends on the species, gender, atmosphere and natural predators.

12. All kinds of Mosquitoes don’t bite humans. The species Culiseta Melamura feeds blood on birds and Uranotaenia Sapphirina feeds on amphibians or reptiles.

13. Mosquitoes considered as the most deadliest animal in the world. They cause more fatality than sharks, snakes or tigers. Almost 1million people get ill and near 5,00,000-7,00,000 people got die due to various mosquito carried diseases. Malaria, Zika and Dengue are the most common diseases but, Cholera, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Chikungunya and other infections are also becoming pretty much normal.

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14. You often found a red bump on your skin after getting bitten by a mosquito. Because, they use a saliva which help them to insert the proboscis into skin and acts as anti-coagulant to suck blood faster. This saliva cause allergic reaction and itch on skin.

15. The Salt Marsh Mosquito travels 100miles away from their breeding ground. It is the only species that travel so much distance to find desired habitat or food supply.

16. In medical science they have scientific benefits inspired by their body capabilities. Modern medical engineering developed less painful hypodermic needle and special guides to insert electrodes in brain for neurological treatments.

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