30 Cool Facts About Insects

Scientists have discovered over 5 to 6 million species in which roughly 1.5 million species identified. And 90% of them belong from the group “Insecta”. We all know bugs, spiders, ants and they can be seen anywhere. In general, they don’t get any attention rather than the poisonous ones. But insects are very interesting and much of their facts have not been understood yet.
So, we will check some of the amazing facts of insects in this list. 

1. Insects are the oldest living creature dating back to 400 million years. This is around 150 million years before Dinosaurs.

2. More than 40% of Insecta group are the Beetles. This has more than 380k species.  


3. There are almost more than 12000 species of Ants.

Various types of Ants

4. At any given moment, 10 quadrillion ants live on this planet.

5. Insects have their footprint everywhere in the planet where humans still could not explore like Antarctica.

6. Insects breathe through their exoskeleton and they have open circulatory system. Their blood can be greenish or yellowish. 

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7. The largest insect was the ancient Dragonfly, which extinct nearly 250 million years ago. It had a wing span of 2.5 feet. 

Fossil of Ancient Dragonfly

8. Termite Queens can produce 6k-7k eggs in a single day.

Eggs of Termite Queens

9. A Dung Beetle can pull 1200 times its own weight. 

Dung Beetle

10. It has documented, a Cat flea jumping 48 cm. which is 150 times their own length and Rabbit flea jumps with a speed of 1mtr. per second.

11. Mosquitoes are the most deadly insect on the Earth. They kill almost 800k humans and sickening over million per year. 

12. The silk of a Giant Riverine spider is much stronger then Kevlar. 

13. Without Bees the world would not have enough fruits and vegetables to eat. As they are great pollinators to maintain the food supply. 

14. Dragon flies are the most successful predators in the insect world having 97% success rate. And their favorite meal is mosquito larvae. Hence, they are beneficial for human.

Dragon fly

15. Bombardier Beetles have very dangerous defensive way to outrun any possible threat. They release some acidic enzymes from their abdomens at a very high temperature (100 degree c) which can cause burn and pain effective even on humans for hours.

Bombardier Beetle
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16. Hercules Beetle also known as Rhinoceros Beetle is the longest and strongest among the beetle family.  It can carry 850 times their own weight which means a person carrying 7 Elephants. 

Hercules Beetle

17. The Titan Beetle is another strong beetle in terms of mandibles. They can cut a pencil in half.

Titan Beetle

18. Atlas Moth has a wing span of 25.4 cm. and their wings look like snakes. That’s why they are also known as Cobra Moth. 

19. Scorpion Fly looks like a hybrid between Scorpio and Wasp. But the tail is not use to sting like Scorpio. 

Scorpion Fly

20. Houseflies search sugar with their feet which are 10 million times more sensitive than human tongue. 

21. A Bee may fly up to 60 miles in one day for collecting food.

22. Honey Bees need to do 10 million trips to collect nectar which can produce one pound of honey. 

23. Scorpions can live as long as 25 years which is longer than many cats and dogs.

24. Total weight of all the ants in the world is equal to all off the humans in the world. 

25. Ants and humans are the only two species that farm other creatures.

26. Spider can see light spectrum like UVA and UVB.

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27. Cockroaches can live for about a week being beheaded. Then eventually die due to starvation.    

28. Some Cicadas make sound as loud as 120 Decibels. 


29. Fruit flies were the first living creatures to be sent into space. 

30. Ants don’t have lungs and ears but do have two stomachs. 

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