Various Ideas About How To Organize Your Closet

Fade up with your messy closet? Got irritated whenever you walk up to and try to find your pick? You came at the right place then. Our fool proof suggestion will not only organize your closet but also make it easy to access whatever you want to pick. Follow and we assure you wouldn’t need to reorganize your closet in many coming years.

1. Clean up your closet first. Put everything out of it. shoes, garments, undergarments, accessories and clean every shelf or drawer available.

Clean Your Closet

2. Now, check the pile you made outside. Pick those which are not necessary or you won’t use. That may be got short of your desired size or color faded, may be torn. Put them aside, and separate your daily used items, rare used items and occasional dresses.

3. Use the vertical storage for ease of accessibility. Put your daily stuff like shirts, tops or Ts and trousers at your eye level. Rare used items below and occasionally used items on the top.

4. Use hangers as much you can to store your daily items. Orientation is very important so, put the hangers which can be pulled for shirts, and hangers for trousers should be hung from opposite side. So, they won’t create confusion instead of sharing the same space.

Use Hangers

5. Use drawer dividers to store many items in one drawer, it would be great for underwear to store in drawers with dividers.

6. In house items like pajamas and t-shirts should be rolled and store in different shelves or drawers.

7. Use one shelf beside your hangers for your perfumes and body sprays.

8. Hung your skurfs and ties in one hanging place but, separate them leaving a space between.

9. Keep your fancy items like blazers, suits or delicate dresses hang like shirts and trousers, but, in other vertical shelf.

Shirts and Blazers

10. Shoes need to store at the bottom in boxes.

Shoes In Closet
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11. Now, the warm wears like sweaters or woolens are used for lesser time. So, fold them and store at the top of your closet but, keep aside of your previously hung skurfs.

12. Now, clothes are set. You need to store your jewelry or accessories. Get the walls for them. Fit some hooks or pins where you can hang your necklaces, sunglasses or other items. It will look good as a display and save your closet space also.

13. Lastly, don’t forget to light up inside your closet.

Simple, just take your time and organize once. Your closet is ready. You won’t face confusion in finding your pick in hurry or you won’t get messy every time you search and pull out any items.

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