Cold War: Most Interesting Facts You Have To Know

Cold war continued for 45long years (1947-1991) , during this time entire world was in high tension. After the second world war, two raising superpowers United States and Soviet Union were became rivals openly yet restricted. The war had no direct conflict between these nations but they supported many of their allies and some more nations to take control upon. It was a geopolitical, economical struggle to proceed own political views like communism or capitalism. The war triggered the nuclear arms race which still continues today. Much modern development, most advanced spy operations, mind control projects has been done. Basically this was a war without direct fight but, constant fear of mass destruction.

If you dare to go in the past days we will show you some of the unknown truths of the cold war.

1. In cold war, Soviet Union had developed and tested the most quantities of nuclear bomb. Such as the Tsar Bomb or king of bombs. It was equivalent of 50 megatons of TNT, more than all of the explosives detonated in WW2 combined.

Tsar Bomb

2. The peak of this war was the Cuban Missile crisis. At this time the world got so close to self destruct.

Cuban Missile Crisis

3. In 1987 a German teenager attempt to make peace between East and West Germany by performing a daring stunt. He flew a single engine Cessna and pass through all the advance soviet defense systems, eventually landing on Kremlin Gates. Later he was arrested by soviets for malicious hooliganism.

4. Soviet successfully tested its first nuclear bomb on Aug 29, 1949 in Kazakhstan. The incident broke the American monopoly of nuclear power and the war began.

5. During war, CIA agents used special methods of communication, such as how their shoelaces were tied. Different patterns had different messages like follow me, I have information etc.

6. During the 40 long years of cold war, USA and soviets tried to take control on as much as countries which were sometimes not valuable in terms of economy or strategically.

7. At one time during war both presidents Mr. Ronald Reagan and Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to stop the war if, there was an alien invasion.

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8. The Vietnam War (1959-1975) was deadliest proxy war in the cold war having 3.5million casualties, and the second deadliest war was the Korean War (1950-1953) with 3million casualties.

Korean War & Vietnam War

9. In 1989 US President George H W Bush and soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev officially ended the war at Malta summit. This time already casualty was over 11 million contributing half from both nations.

Malta Summit

10. Winston Churchill first used the term ‘Iron Curtain’, the border that divided the non-communist Western Europe and communist Eastern Europe. It was 4225miles or 6779 km long.

Iron Curtain Map

11. During the war, 12 western nations created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O), resulting if Soviet Union attacks any one nation the rest 11 nations will defend.

NATO logo

12. The Berlin wall was the quintessential symbol of the cold war.

Berlin Wall

13. In these high tension US planned to overthrow Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba and allied with Soviet Union. So among many plans CIA once considered to plant explosive seashells where he went swimming.

Fidel Castro

14. Soviet Union secretly shipped thousands of troops to Cuba during these time, US estimated around 8000 troops where as the real number was over 40000 troops.

15. To keep the news of Cuban Missile Crisis from leaking the white house told the public that Mr. Kennedy couldn’t attain the public event due to cold. Whereas Mr. President was there in intense meeting with the advisors.

16. The Bay of Pigs or famously known as a perfect failure of United States. Due to confusion of time zones American bombers couldn’t support the ground troops as they attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.

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17. Soviet spy colonel Oleg Penkovsky provided valuable information about and status of the Russian nuclear weapons to CIA and British intelligence. Soviet arrested him on oct22, 1962 and executed him after.

18. After eight months of Cuban Missile Crisis, the white house and Kremlin agreed to connect the two capitals by hot line to prevent two nations coming close to nuclear war.

19. To end the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US withdrawn their nuclear weapons from turkey and so do the soviet from Cuba. But, recently Americans discovered that Russians left over 100 nuclear tactical warheads after decades.

20. The cold war is named cold because there was no direct conflict between United States and Soviet Union. But, they supported major proxy wars around the globe.

21. The Berlin Blockade was the biggest crisis in the war. The Soviet Union tried to limit the ability of France, Britain and united state to reach their sectors. Hence, USA and Britain both responded with the history’s largest air supply campaign.

22. In 1960 United States government funded a project by DARPA (defense advanced research projects agency) to share vital information in between military computers quickly which led to the invention of internet.


23. During the war a soviet submarine captain ordered a naval officer to authorize the nuclear strike against US navy, the officer refused. He was Vasily Alexandrovich Arkhipov, later known as the man prevented the nuclear war.


24. In 1950 the United States decided to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon and observe the effects in low gravity vacuum. The project was A119. Eventually Soviet Union also planned such project named E4. As both of the nations tried to prove their nuclear power none of them succeeded.

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25. The third world country was not meant to be poverty or standards of living. It was the country not in NATO.

26. In 1959 soviet premier Khrushchev wanted to take his family to Disney land and found himself locked in his hotel room in United States. It was later declassified as safety measure as soviet leader was not safe in US at that time. Till now even President Vladimir Putin couldn’t go either. so, he made his own Disney land in Russia.

27. During the cold war US pilots were given eye patches like pirates. The reason was if any nuclear explosion occurs than it will make the pilots blind and impossible to fly. So the patch will save another eye.

28. The MI5 used Rodents like Gerbils as agents in airports. As Gerbils can smell sweat. Any bad guy would sweat with high adrenaline and gerbils can detect it. So these Rodents were trained to operate a lever whenever they smell high adrenaline sweat. It proved a effective and efficient experiment.


29. During the Cold War, the soviets mapped the entire world so precise that the U.S State Department still uses the maps today due to their accuracy.

30. During the height of the cold war, Neil Armstrong‘s final task on the moon was to place memorial items honoring fallen Russian cosmonauts.

Neil Armstrong
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31. Due to cold war regulations, every street in China is in slightly the wrong place on Google Maps still now.

32. The most successful intelligence operation (Operation Tamarisk) in the Cold War was to stop supplies of toilet paper to soviets, forcing them to use documents and retrieving these documents after use.

33. During the war Americans developed the SR71 Blackbird, the fastest spy plane till date. But, to manufacture it CIA sourced titanium from the oblivious Soviet Union via dummy companies.

SR-71 Blackbird

34. In cold war salvaging was considered good solution, so the CIA spent $3.8B to construct a ship named Hughes Glomar Explorer having a 16,000 ft underwater claw arm to retrieve a sunken Soviet nuclear submarine K129 from the ocean floor.

35. During the War, the soviets were able to tell a Soviet passport was forged and fake because the staples in real passports would corrode due to the poor quality of metal.

36. The Cold War started in 1946 with the United States foreign policy of Soviet communism containment, and ended in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

37. The world seen the nuclear arms race at the peak during the war. Where both countries had over 50000 nuclear weapons combined.

38. In the 50s and 60s the Soviet Union and the USA were in a race to see which nation could drill the deepest hole into the earth’s crust. In 1994, the Soviet Union dug the Kola Super Deep Borehole; it was the deepest hole in the world, located in the Kola Peninsula. The hole was 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) deep into the Earth’s crust. This revealed evidences of biological activity in the Earth that was more than two billion years old.

Super structure of Kola Super Deep borehole

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