Cockroach: Information And Fascinating Facts

Cockroaches are nasty creatures that everyone wants to get rid off. They are dirty, spread diseases and their random crawling just embarrasses everyone. But, do you know they are also as interesting as creepy. You will definitely get surprised by what you are dealing with. So, here are some fascinating truths about roaches.

1. Cockroach or Cockroaches are old species. Some 300 million years old, surprised? Evidence shows that fossils found of roaches are as old as 350 millions years which is basically of Carboniferous Era, before the dinosaurs even existed. So, roaches are prehistoric creatures.

Cockroach Fossil

2. Roaches can evolve very rapidly. Each species of cockroach can evolve as per their atmosphere and surrounding making them such tough survivalist in the world. Hence, roaches found anywhere on the planet.

3. There are around 4500 species of roaches in which only about 30 species can be found in human house like American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches and German cockroaches.

Types Of Cockroaches

4. They can eat anything, and anything ranges from human food, other insects, dead meat, leaves even cloth, paper, glue. Sometimes they got cannibals also. Male roaches don’t mate every mating season so they can store sperm and use them at need. Female roaches also eat their own eggs in scarce of food.

5. It is a myth that cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast. It has been tested that roaches can withstand 10 times more radiation than any other creature on this planet and survive. Impressive but, they can’t survive an atomic explosion.

6. Roaches can survive weeks being beheaded, as creepy it sounds roaches don’t need brain to control their body functions. Being beheaded Cockroaches would die after some days due to dehydration as they couldn’t drink.

Beheaded Cockroach

7. They can be alive for months without food.

8. Cockroaches can run very fast, really fast. They can speed up-to 3 miles an hour. Sometimes sudden speed can be as high as 80 centimeters per second. They also can change direction 25times a second. Even a 1 day old roach can run as fast as adult ones.

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9. Cockroaches can’t fly. You might see roaches have wings, but they couldn’t use it to fly, they use it to glide or speed up their run by covering short distances jumping and gliding.

10. Roaches are nocturnal creatures. They Rest for 18hours a day and search for food at night, this makes them excellent energetic creatures. They store their energy the whole day and use it when others do rest, it is good specially when they live around human living.

11. They are thigmotropic, it means they like to get touched. Thanks to their excellent bio-mechanics of exoskeleton, they can squeeze their body in the smallest cracks and stay there for long time.

12. They can hold their breath very long, it can be as long as 40 minutes or may be longer. So drowning a roach is not a good idea to eliminate.

13. In Madagascar, a cockroach species can grow as big as 6inches having wingspan of 1 feet. But, they are not habituated with human living. Generally house roaches can grow 2 inches(max) in length. GREAT RELIEF.

14. Roaches have white blood. Next time you smash one, check out.


15. It has been seen that roaches have alcohol attraction. Generally they love sugar based beverages but, they also like beer. It’s true that a prehistoric creature is alcoholic in nature.

Alcoholic Cockroach
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16. All the species are not harmful to humans. In fact only 1% of them carry diseases. But this 1% cause the spread very fast like allergy or other infectious bacteria.

17. Some species of roaches found in South Africa can jump also, known as leap-roaches. Like other roaches they run fast, in addition like grasshoppers, they jump real fast. It has been observed it can jump 48 times it’s body length in just 10 microseconds. Which requires 3.4 megawatts of power output and 23Gs. No fighter pilot on planet can withstand this.

18. Roaches are hated by everyone. But some are love to kept as pets. Weird? But, Madagascar hissing cockroach, Cuban cockroach and Death’s head cockroach can be kept as pets. They don’t fly, gentle in nature and you can feed them anything. Typically you can’t play with them but they will crawl around your hand and wouldn’t cause disease as they will be in isolated surroundings.

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