Top 10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

Beautiful snakes are kind of unusual you might think or heard of. Everyone think of large Anacondas, venomous Cobras which are indeed fierce names that are related mostly with these scaly reptiles. But, there are several snakes in 3000 known species which are actually pleasant to look at. Their appearance demand to be called as beautiful. We have listed some of them which you may did not know till now.

Bearded Dragon : Fun Facts, Habitat And Classification

Bearded dragon sounds like a vicious and scary predator. But actually they are very popular pets in the US and UK. The name POGONA is the genus but they are widely known as Beardies. The name given due to their spiny scales behind the neck which puff out at times of threat or mating and looks like beard. You would find many hilarious videos on YouTube and social media of these creatures doing funny things. Most of the time you would see them sunbathing but, they are actually very interesting with many odd behaviors. So, let’s start about these beardies.

Komodo Dragon : Facts, Habitat And Information

Komodo dragon belongs from the monitor lizard family and the largest lizard species on Earth. They do not fly or breath fire but, they look real prehistoric. These magnificent creatures are apex predators and live on the top of food chain in their habitat. Being ferocious and carnivorous these creature are also very intelligent and interesting. Here are some less known facts about them.

Pit Viper : Classification, Characteristics and Facts

Pit viper is a common name used for the species belonging from Viperidea family of snakes. Any snake is scary with or without venom and these vipers not only have venom but, have unique organs known as Pit organs situated between their eyes and nose. These organs help them to see infrared waves. They use these organs to seek and catch their prey by sensing the victim’s body heat even in complete darkness. These pit organs can identify a target only 0.2 degrees centigrade warmer than the background. Not only pit organs, these vipers also have unique muscles too. They use these muscle to contract the fangs inside when not in use and point outside while biting.