Month: May 2021


Woodpecker : Tongue, Nest, Pictures And Fun Facts

Woodpecker is a bird but, very different from other birds due to their behavior and unique survival techniques. They are marvels of mother nature. The colorful feathers, the triangular crest on its head, long tongue and tough sharp beak makes them one of a kind. Their common plumage is Black, White, Red and yellow but, they also can be seen in Orange, Green, Brown and Maroon coloration. Today we are going to discuss some of their unique characteristics.

wood duck

Wood Ducks : Attracting Facts and habitat for kids

Wood duck is a medium sized duck with such bright and vivid coloration. In fact, the most colorful duck in the world. Males are generally more colorful than females and it is very satisfying to see a wood duck in the wild. They are also called Woodie, Summer duck, Acorn duck, Swamp duck or Squealer duck. They were at the risk of getting extinct in the 1800s and early 1900s but, due to conservation laws now these magnificent creatures are wealthy in number. So, Let’s check some physical and behavioral facts about them.


Parrots : Amazing Facts For Kids

Parrots are the most common pet throughout the world. They vary widely in size and colors depending on the species. They are social and pretty intelligent birds, in fact they are the most intelligent birds in the entire world. But, sadly many of their species are considered as endangered. Here are some mesmerizing facts about parrots which will definitely leave you amazed.


Hummingbird : Fun Facts, Species And Habitat

Humming bird is the smallest around 10,000 bird species in the world. They are unique for their physical characteristics and behavior. Naturally native to America they also can be seen in Alaska and the Caribbean. These little guys are such interesting and jaw dropping once you get close to them. So, Let’s check out.